D-Day 1944 80th Anniversary Airborne WW2 Poster

40x50 cm (from 3) / 50x70 cm (from 2) / 60x80 cm (from 1)

Le 80e anniversaire du Débarquement, c'est en juin 2024. DecoPosters vous propose une création exclusive à personnaliser, une zone à votre disposition est située en bas de l'affiche (voir ci-dessous). Pour vos clients, un souvenir mémorable, le poster de cette journée qui a marqué l'Histoire. Pour votre personnalisation, contactez-moi, c'est ici.


In June 2024 we will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. In order to mark this very special occasion, DecoPosters is offering an exclusive customizable creation! Designed for your customers, here is a unique souvenir poster because we shall not forget this day which forever made its mark on History. Get in touch here to get yours!

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Normandy, France, June 6 1944, customize your poster !
D-Day 80th Anniversary Poster Vintage

June 6 1944 : also known as D-Day

82nd and 101st : US Army airborne divisions

9th TCC : 9th Troop Carrier Command

US flag : stars and stripes

"Here rests in..." : in memory of the unknown soldiers

Sainte-Mère Eglise : first village liberated

Colleville-sur-Mer : the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

C47 : Douglas C47 or Dakota, military transport aircraft

9387 : burials, spread over 172 acres